Resolutions: body sculpting

Keep nurturing those resolutions, it's the third week of the year!

Do you have 2022 resolutions involving losing body fat and building muscle?   This technology can help:

The two top new year’s resolutions are exercise more and lose weight.  EmSculpt NEO boosts both of these aspirations by building 25% more muscle and losing 30% fat in the area treated.  Secure your goals better with EmSculpt NEO, which can build muscle and lose fat in the abdomen, buttocks, biceps and triceps, quads, hamstrings, outer and inner thighs, and calves.  The treatments take 30 minutes for most, once a week for 4 weeks.  Subsequent sessions are deeply discounted to continue the muscle tone and decreased fat for semi-annual, quarterly, or even monthly treatments.  Bring a buddy and do the abdominal treatments for an even deeper discount.

With EmSculpt NEO, muscle fibers grow larger and stronger, and new muscle fibers are formed.  Radiofrequency warms up the muscle for the workout, and it heats up fat to destroy the fat cells.  The local restructuring can affect areas farther away; treatment of the abdomen can cause the waistline or bra folds around the corner to smooth in appearance.  It can strengthen the core to decrease back pain and improve posture.  

Women who treat the buttocks see a lift and strength in the buttocks, and their partners notice the difference!  Do you want to tone the legs and arms?  There are settings to do this.

Remember, it takes regular performance of a function for over 30 days to make a true habit, so diet and exercise habits every day for weeks will form positive lifestyle habits to enhance muscle building and fat loss.  As we enter the third week of 2022, keep up the good habits!

Karen E Kennedy MD Gynecologist for over 21 years in Gulf Breeze, FL, caring for patients in the Florida panhandle area.

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