Exclusive Non-invasive Mommy Makeover

Karen E. Kennedy, MD

Gynecology & Aesthetics located in Gulf Breeze, FL

Childbirth is a natural miracle, but it can bring some unwanted changes to Mom’s body. There are numerous methods that can restore the woman’s body toward how it was before childbirth, and often without surgery.  If a woman does not need or want the recovery and invasiveness of surgery, Dr. Kennedy has numerous methods to treat unwanted fat distribution, sagginess of face and breasts, vaginal laxity, and genital appearance, to name a few.  To learn how you can take advantage of this effective way to enhance your gynecological health, call the office or schedule an appointment at 850-916-7766.

What is the Exclusive Non-invasive Mommy Makeover?

This is a plan based on a woman’s bothersome symptoms and using technology and procedures to manage them.   Dr. Kennedy will take the concerns and prioritize them, and make a management plan based on the problem and the woman’s desire to treat it.  

What types of conditions can be treated?

Almost all post-childbearing nuisances can be helped.  Vaginal laxity and genital appearance can be improved by either minor surgery, office surgery, or technology such as laser, magnetic field therapy, or PRP.  Sagging skin and fat distribution can be tightened or reduced with lasers, radiofrequency, magnetic field, and liposuction.  We can treat facial appearance as well as hands and neck with many noninvasive methods.  Breast structure can be addressed.   Many areas of the body can be treated to hide the effects of childbearing and time, and a whole-body treatment plan can be devised.

What will treatments entail?

We will put together a package of treatments that usually include no recovery, or minimal recovery, based on the severity of the issue and the woman’s desire to return to full activity.