Breast Cancer Associated Remedies

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Breast Cancer Associated Remedies

Breast cancer survivors experience a particularly high incidence of symptoms due to lack of hormones.  Because of anti-hormonal remedies, designed to improve the recurrence of breast cancers, survivors have an increased chance of problems like vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, hot flushes, sleep issues, and more.  Here are some ideas for hormonal alternatives as treatment.

MonaLisa Touch: laser treatment of the vaginal wall, can help decrease vaginal dryness and painful intercourse, urinary urgency and frequency, urine leaking, urinating at night, and vagina tightness and tone.

O Shot: Platelet-rich plasma, PRP, where the woman’s own blood is drawn and the platelets are collected and injected into the genital area to improve vaginal dryness, urine urgency and leaking, and helps sexual stimulation in the clitoral area.

Testosterone: the male hormone actually decreases, antagonizes, breast cancer cells, with the approval of the treating oncologist.  Testosterone can help with vaginal symptoms.  It can increase libido, energy, mental focus, night sweats, and much more.  Testosterone is used to improve bone density and treat osteoporosis.

Fat replacement and regeneration cell therapy: fat cells from liposuction has factors that can replace volume with the fat and rebuild tissue and texture, such as in the genital area and vaginal area.