Cardio Screening


Cardiovascular desease is one of the most frequent causes of death in the United States. It is responsible for over 40% of all deaths. In our effort to improve the total health of our patients, we have added a new capability which can evaluate many aspects of cardiac health in a quick, simple and non-invasive screening test. Not only can it help to identify potential problems, it can also be used to determine the effectiveness of efforts to improve the overall cardiac health of a patient.

VasoScan™ is an FDA cleared, simple, non-invasive device which provides an accurate, reproducible assessment of the Autonomic Nervous System, vascular elasticity and stiffness, as well as the coronary health of "at-risk" patients. VasoScan™ provides information on arterial wall stiffness and determines the biological age of arteries in five minutes, utilizing a fingertip sensor to observe the changes in pressure, blood flow, and velocity throughout the pulse wave.

VasoScan™ is designed to analyze the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) function, Stress and Peripheral Blood Circulation. It provides objective data to help assess disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, Sleep disorder, Poor concentration, Mental/physical stress degree, chronic fatigue and blood circulation.

The test takes only five minutes. The only device required is a simple sensor that is placed on a finger, similar to the sensor used in checking the level of oxygen in the blood.

If a subsequent scan is performed, possibly 6 months after an earlier one, the prior test(s) results are saved and available to compare with the current one. This can be used to evaluate the progression of problem areas or the effects of positive changes, like diet, exercise, medications, etc.



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